• Over this past weekend, First Lady Jill Biden made three political appearances to support Democratic candidates in Georgia and Florida ahead of the midterm elections. She's considered the president's most popular stand-in for raising funds and morale as the elections approach.[1]
  • On Friday, she spoke to about 75 donors to Georgia's gubernatorial challenger Stacey Abrams' One Georgia Leadership Committee, praising the candidate as a "tireless champion" of families. Early voting starts this Monday, with polls showing Republican Gov. Brian Kemp in the lead.[2]
  • The first lady later traveled to Central Florida for a rally on Saturday with Democratic candidates Val Demings (for Senate) and Charlie Crist (for governor) in front of Orlando City Hall, also taking part in the city's Pride Parade.[3]
  • This wraps up her four-day multi-state tour that started on Wednesday - also including stops in Tennesse to attend a Democratic National Committee fundraiser and in Wisconsin to join the campaign of Gov. Tony Evers and Senate candidate Mandela Barnes.[4]
  • Earlier in October, her event with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco raised $1.6M for House Democrats. There are reportedly multiple requests for her to campaign in competitive states across the US.[4]
  • A CNN survey in the summer found that Americans have mixed feelings about the First Lady. The survey suggests she remains popular among women and Black voters.[1]


Democratic narrative

Jill Biden is an asset to the Democrats ahead of the midterm elections, mainly for her appeal to suburban women and working-class Americans. She isn't a polarizing political figure and can invigorate supporters in close races and fundraise. It's perfect timing for her strong push across the US.

Republican narrative

Jill Biden's dive into midterms shows the desperation of the Democrats who know they're in trouble come November. After comparing Latinos to "breakfast tacos," she failed to say "LGBTQ" twice and ironically claimed that Crist would defeat DeSantis during a low-attended rally in Orlando. Her road show forecasts that the GOP will be extremely successful in just a few weeks.

Nerd narrative

There's a 43% chance that Democrats will control the Senate and Republicans will control the House following the 2022 midterm elections, according to the Metaculus prediction community.

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