YouTube Bans Dan Bongino

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The Facts

  • YouTube has permanently banned conservative media personality Dan Bongino after he posted a video while under suspension, in breach of parent-company Google's terms of service.

  • Bongino was originally suspended for posting a video claiming face masks are ineffective in stopping the spread of COVID-19, which was was said to violate YouTube's misinformation policy.

The Spin

Right narrative

This is another example of the censorship of right-wing figures. It's one thing to ban hate-speech and incitement of violence; extinguishing dialogue and questioning of the status-quo, however, is tyrannical and dangerous.

Left narrative

Bongino was clearly spreading misinformation. Public health authorities, including the CDC, have confirmed the efficacy of masks -- N95 and even cloth -- in limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Political split



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