Apple Set to Open First Retail Store in India

    Apple Set to Open First Retail Store in India
    Last updated Apr 07, 2023
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    • Apple is gearing up to open its first retail store in India to the public later this month, roughly two decades after the company began selling products and services in the South Asian nation.[1]
    • The company teased its retail opening in a Wednesday statement, saying it was preparing to greet customers in the financial and commercial hub of Mumbai.[2]
    • The company says the store, located in the Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), is “inspired by the iconic Kaali Peeli taxi art unique to Mumbai.” It will reportedly offer the latest iPhone models, MacBooks, iPads, and other Apple products.[3]
    • Apple has already been boosting ties to India on the supply side of the business, producing lower-end phones in the country since 2017. It’s been investing in new factories with the aim of producing 25% of all its iPhones in the country.[4]
    • Apple has struggled to open a physical retail location in India since 2021 launch plans were delayed due to the pandemic. Apple products have been sold in the country for years but the company only holds a 3% share of India's smartphone market due to the high prices of its products.[5]


    Narrative A

    Apple is one of the most iconic companies in the world, and it is committed to excellence in both its products and the venues that sell them. It is a huge boost for India that its people can now have the true Apple experience — one that goes beyond world-class technology. With this store, citizens of the world’s most populous nation will have the opportunity to step inside an outlet that symbolizes ingenuity and greatness.

    Narrative B

    Apple’s store launch in India is not a welcome sight for everyone, as local merchants may lose significant business competing with the corporation. Tech sales is a large industry in India and many people earn their livelihoods by selling Apple products. Unfortunately, customers may snub their local store for the corporate giant.

    Nerd narrative

    There is a 55% chance that Apple will allow side-loading or other app stores on their iPhones in the US before 2026, according to the Metaculus prediction community.

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