Biden Delivers Second State of the Union Address

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The Facts

  • US Pres. Biden on Tuesday delivered his second State of the Union address. He called for unity in a divided Congress, where the House now has a Republican majority, and asked Congress to work with him to rebuild the economy and unite the country.

  • Biden highlighted US job growth, infrastructure, and drug price cuts for seniors, while also establishing the Democrats’ position on higher taxes for billionaires and immigration reforms. He also discussed the Ukraine war, energy, and China.

The Spin

Democratic narrative

Given with vigor and verve, Biden’s second State of the Union was meant to assure Americans who feel ignored that the government can work on their behalf. Of course, the president’s urging for Democrats and Republicans to work together for the betterment of the country was quickly disrupted by some Republicans’ unhinged response to his calls for bipartisanship. Most importantly, Biden made a strong and convincing case for a second term.

Republican narrative

Biden’s speech was nothing but falsehoods, boasts about his supposed accomplishments and legislation that has no chance of passing, and fake calls for bipartisanship. He conveniently glossed over China, crime, and the border crisis — issues he’s been proven weak on. His negative approval rating shows that the American people haven’t been fooled by Biden’s claims of success, and they’re not likely to be tricked by his rhetoric.

Narrative C

Biden’s speech was heavily focused on domestic accomplishments and plans but short on foreign policy. It’s dangerous to reduce foreign policy to an afterthought when the US is facing challenges from Russia and China, and heavily funding Ukraine’s war with Russia. Biden, the Democrats, and the GOP alike owe the world a clearer and more cohesive vision for US foreign policy.

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