The Facts

  • US Pres. Joe Biden's administration on Tuesday proposed a new immigration policy that would restrict access to those crossing the southwest border if they don't first attempt to seek asylum in a different country they passed through on their way to the US.

  • After a 30-day public comment period, the proposed restrictions, if implemented, would take effect May 11, and replace the Trump-era Title 42 COVID public health policy that’s set to end that day.

The Spin

Narrative A

This plan isn’t ideal, but the administration must prepare for regulating the border after Title 42 expires. The plan still allows asylum seekers a path to the US, while also creating multiple new ways migrants can apply for legal passage into the country. Similar programs have already led to a drop in the number of border crossings.

Narrative B

Instead of standing strong in the face of Republican backlash, Biden has decided to revert to the xenophobic policies of Trump. Virtually all migrants arriving at the border are fleeing from and through dangerous countries. This is a sad turn of events considering many people voted for him thinking he would be more progressive on immigration.

Republican narrative

Make no mistake about it, whether it’s more difficult to claim 'asylum' or not, Biden still cares more about illegal immigrants than American citizens. While the children of East Palestine, Ohio inhale toxic chemicals and receive no federal help, the president has given illegals free handouts simply for walking across the border. You can bet on Biden treating criminal trespassers better than American taxpayers.

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