ChatGPT Rolls Out Voice and Image Prompts

    ChatGPT Rolls Out Voice and Image Prompts
    Last updated Sep 26, 2023
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    • On Monday, OpenAI announced that it intends to add voice and image features to ChatGPT over the next two weeks.
    • The voice feature will reportedly allow ChatGPT's Plus and Enterprise users to converse with the chatbot, including seeking its opinions on dinner-time debates.
    • OpenAI has collaborated with professional voice actors to help ChatGPT generate human-like audio from text in five different voices.
    • Spotify, OpenAI's launch partner, will use the voice feature to let podcasters translate their English-language shows into Spanish, French, or German in their own voice.
    • Meanwhile, users will reportedly be able to troubleshoot gadgets, plan meals based on the refrigerator's contents, and analyze complex graphs with the help of ChatGPT's image feature.
    • This news comes after Apple introduced an AI-based Personal Voice feature to iOS 17 that allows iPhone users to clone and store their own voice.


    Narrative A

    Less than a year since its launch, ChatGPT's rapid evolution through the use of voice-based assistants and large language models signals the arrival of AI as a mass-market product like Google's search engine. This brings the realm of science-fiction a step closer to the real world.

    Technoskeptic narrative

    Beyond the initial thrill and amusement, AI's rapid advancement must be matched with rising awareness of the risks of it spinning out of control. From using private images malevolently to the potential to assemble bombs, AI's unregulated evolution is yet to address several concerns prompted by the tech giants' global rush to reign supreme.

    Nerd narrative

    There's an 85% chance of an AI malfunction precipitating an event that will cause at least 100 deaths and/or at least $1B in economic damage before 2032, according to the Metaculus prediction community.

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