French Parliament Backs Proposal to Ban Vapes

    French Parliament Backs Proposal to Ban Vapes
    Image copyright: Carl Court/Getty Images

    The Facts

    • France's National Assembly has unanimously voted to approve a bill to ban disposable vapes. The legislation is reportedly an attempt to protect young people drawn to the product's flavors, and to reduce the environmental impact of the single-use products.

    • Lawmakers adopted the bill in a late-night vote on Monday. It is yet to move to the Senate, where it is widely expected to be adopted. The ban may come into effect as early as September 2024.

    The Spin

    Pro-establishment narrative

    The French Parliament's approval of a ban on disposable vapes is an encouraging development. The products have detrimental effects on children and the environment, and are a dangerous gateway into serious addiction. This ban will help cut down on the number of young vapers in France, as well as reduce the environmental impact of these disposable devices.

    Establishment-critical narrative

    Vaping is a safer choice than smoking cigarettes. It is already illegal to sell vapes to people under the age of 18, so banning disposable vapes would do nothing but take away this safer option from millions of adult smokers. A better legislative decision would be to crack down on existing restrictions and encourage responsible recycling of the lithium batteries inside of the devices.

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