GOP House Freedom Caucus Calls for Spending Cuts Ahead of January Deadline

    GOP House Freedom Caucus Calls for Spending Cuts Ahead of January Deadline
    Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images News via Getty Images (Nov. 29. 2023)

    The Facts

    • Ahead of a potential January government shutdown, a statement released by the GOP House Freedom Caucus is urging Republican leadership to avoid making a spending deal with Democrats that is larger than the $1.59T cap set by the stopgap Fiscal Responsibility Act six months ago.

    • After their return from holiday recess, Congress will have only nine days left to pass a spending bill and avert a Jan. 19 shutdown. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) is likely to advocate for a year-long extension of current spending levels, facing resistance from conservative GOP members.

    The Spin

    Conservative narrative

    Enough is enough. America can no longer afford to travel on this road to fiscal ruin, with many so-called Republicans willing to enable the obscene wastefulness of the Democrats. Mike Johnson has been stymieing conservatives in the House from taking bold action on issues such as the fiscal crisis and Pentagon funding for abortion. If they are excluded from serious consideration, House GOP patriots will have no choice but to revolt against Johnson's appeasement agenda.

    Republican narrative

    While the House has been unable to pass as many bills as they usually do, Mike Johnson is still pursuing a fiscally responsible agenda — listening to the concerns of the Freedom Caucus. Crucially, Johnson is doing everything in his power to maintain unity in the GOP and quell discord so the party is fit to face a bigger challenge: unseating the Democrats in 2024. The Freedom Caucus has legitimate concerns but the larger focus within the GOP will unify around the year ahead.

    Democratic narrative

    America is experiencing political déjà vu, as the hardline Freedom Caucus once again threatens to hold the nation hostage if Congress refuses to capitulate to its radical agenda. Unsatisfied with unseating one speaker, the Freedom Caucus is already making threatening overtures towards the next if Mike Johnson doesn't decimate government spending — a move that would be disastrous for the country. There is no end to the GOP's dysfunction and self-destruction.

    Nerd narrative

    There's a 1% chance that the IMF approve debt service relief for the US before 2025, according to the Metaculus prediction community.

    Political split



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