Italy: Explosion in Milan Sets Multiple Cars Ablaze

    Italy: Explosion in Milan Sets Multiple Cars Ablaze
    Last updated May 12, 2023
    Image credit: Shutterstock [via The Daily Mail]


    • On Thursday, several cars and motorbikes went up in flames after a van carrying oxygen cylinders exploded in the center of Milan in northern Italy.[1]
    • Footage from the scene showed a plume of black smoke billowing between buildings as firefighters and rescue teams rushed to extinguish the flames.[2]
    • Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala ruled out foul play saying the blaze started in the engine of the van. While the driver reached for the oxygen cylinders to reportedly limit the impact, the van exploded, causing "domino explosions."[3]
    • Nearby residential apartment buildings, an elementary and middle school, and a daycare complex were evacuated without incident, Sala added.[4]
    • However, firefighters said it was still unclear whether the van — which was carrying highly-flammable gas — or one of the nearby parked cars actually sparked the explosion.[5]
    • Meanwhile, Italian media reported that a nun was injured during the evacuation of surrounding buildings, and another person suffered smoke inhalation after the fire triggered domino explosions.[5]


    Narrative A

    Surprisingly, the authorities have ruled out terrorism and criminal intent without proper investigation. The severity of the carnage and conflicting statements about the cause of the explosion and also how the driver sustained injuries make the unfortunate incident suspicious.

    Narrative B

    The van was transporting large oxygen cylinders to a nearby medical facility. Oxygen is a highly dangerous hazardous material, and it's quite probable that the van's driver didn't follow the correct safety protocols.

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