Meta Announces New AI Products at Conference

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The Facts

  • Meta this week introduced several new AI products for consumers, including smart glasses capable of answering questions and streaming on Facebook, bots that can create photo-realistic images, and a new virtual-reality headset.

  • At the company’s Connect developer conference Wednesday in Menlo Park, Calif., CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivered a message that Meta’s trying to build “the future of human connection” to an audience of developers, employees, and journalists.

The Spin

Narrative A

Unlike other companies’ versions of AI, Meta is creating a product that can be altered and sculpted to each individual user’s needs. Meta’s chatbot will be as conversational and entertaining as it will be useful. Undoubtedly, Meta will be the destination for anyone looking to improve their social media or internet experience through AI.

Narrative B

Hasn’t Zuckerberg made enough money? Apparently not, because he seems intent on infiltrating every area of users’ lives, even if it means producing headsets that get ridiculed when people use them. These products might be attractive to those naïve enough to get involved with Facebook's unsavory practices, but they’re not likely to improve anything except Meta’s bottom line.

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