Russian State TV Promotes Tucker Carlson

    Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr [via Wikimedia Commons]

    The Facts

    • An advertisement for a weekend show featuring former Fox News host Tucker Carlson was aired on Friday on Russian TV news channel Rossiya 24, reportedly the second such promo this month. The ads have prompted speculation about the program's content, and it's unclear whether the content would be re-airing Carlson's current programming on X, formerly Twitter, or original content.

    • Carlson denies any involvement with the ads for the show bearing his name, stating that he had never heard of Rossiya 24 before they aired and would never consider partnering with Russian state TV.

    The Spin

    Pro-establishment narrative

    Even if a Russian version of Carlson's programming turns out to be a simple re-airing of his X content, it wouldn't be surprising if he joined Russian state TV at some point as he has consistently echoed Kremlin propaganda. As a prominent American journalist, his irresponsible pro-Russia comments have concerningly influenced the public debate at home while finding resonance abroad.

    Establishment-critical narrative

    Because the Western media establishment largely insists there's a patriotic duty to hate Putin unconditionally, it's no wonder the speculation surrounding his relationship with Russian media has come to harm Carlson's reputation. While the host has explicitly blamed the Russian leader for the conflict and its subsequent humanitarian catastrophes, he hasn't shied away from concerns ordinary Americans share about the cost of supporting Ukraine's war efforts.

    Nerd narrative

    There's an 18% chance that there will be a US-Russia war before 2050, according to the Metaculus prediction community.

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