Philippines Says Ties With US, Japan a 'Sovereign Choice'

Philippines Says Ties With US, Japan a 'Sovereign Choice'
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The Facts

  • The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday that strengthening relations with Japan and the US is the country's "sovereign choice and decision" in accordance with its national interests and independent foreign policy.

  • Furthermore, Manila called on Beijing to "reflect upon its own actions" in the Indo-Pacific, arguing that Chinese maritime claims and its alleged aggressive behavior are to blame for mounting regional tensions.

The Spin

Pro-establishment narrative

As a sovereign nation, the Philippines has the right and autonomy to enhance relations with whichever country it chooses — especially when such cooperation promotes regional peace and stability. Instead of blaming other countries, China should abide by international law and avoid militarizing its excessive maritime claims.

Establishment-critical narrative

Tricked by the promises of a self-serving power that's seeking to use it as cannon fodder for American interests, the Philippines has neglected its own national interests to side with the US. That path can only increase its chances of being placed in harm's way as part of a wider hegemonic game to undermine China's prosperity and reunification.

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