Report: China's Digital Silk Road Spreading Repression

Report: China's Digital Silk Road Spreading Repression
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The Facts

  • The UK-based human rights group Article 19 has claimed that China's Digital Silk Road, launched in 2015, is exporting digital authoritarianism across the world.

  • The watchdog has alleged that Cambodia, Nepal, and Thailand have been moving toward their version of the Chinese Great Firewall, while Malaysia favors Beijing's digital governance model.

The Spin

Anti-China narrative

China has sought to paint its Digital Silk Road as a harmless project to build digital infrastructure and expand connectivity, hiding its true intentions of turning its authoritarian model of digital governance into an alternative to the rights-based approach to the internet. China is undermining civil liberties abroad and more must be done to protect populations from this malicious interference.

Pro-China narrative

The West has all too often focused on surveillance and espionage when it comes to Chinese projects, so it isn't surprising that one of its publicly funded, so-called non-governmental organizations has purposefully neglected to acknowledge how the Digital Silk Road benefits the Global South. Instead of whining, the West should join Beijing in helping developing countries.

Metaculus Prediction

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