Scientists Exploring Alzheimer's Therapy Based on Exercise Plasma

Scientists Exploring Alzheimer's Therapy Based on Exercise Plasma
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The Facts

  • A hospital in Norway is testing the effects of ExPlas — or exercised plasma — which is where the blood of young and healthy adults who exercise regularly is injected into older adults in the early stages of Alzheimer's. Scientists hope the results, to be available in 2025, will show that ExPlas can strengthen the minds and bodies of older people, and maybe even the general population living sedentary lives.

  • The blood plasma — taken from healthy, fit men — will be injected into patients12 times in one year. They will be selected at random to receive either ExPlas, Octaplasma — a blood-specific solution containing human plasma proteins — or a placebo. During the study, patients will be tested on their daily recollection, recognition, executive function, and fluency skills.

The Spin

Narrative A

The pharmaceutical industry is on a roll when it comes to innovation. The world will likely have to wait just a bit more before these extremely helpful drugs are available and can help conditions like Alzheimer's. But if the progress made in recent years continues, humans will be reaping unprecedented benefits.

Narrative B

It's too soon to tout the benefits of these types of treatments. The healthcare industry has to start holistically and comprehensively supporting people whose genetics have predispositions to complex conditions like Alzheimer's, cancer, depression, and heart disease. A simple "exercise in a pill" or injection may help but it can't be the only tool in the toolkit.

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