US Seeks Pledge by PRC, Russia Saying AI Won't Control Nuclear Weapons

    US Seeks Pledge by PRC, Russia Saying AI Won't Control Nuclear Weapons
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    The Facts

    • A US official claimed during an online briefing on Thursday that the US had encouraged both Russia and China to openly declare that nuclear weapons should always be in the control of humans rather than artificial intelligence (AI).

    • Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary (PDAS) Paul Dean stated that following public announcements by the US, UK, and France that any military nuclear decision would "only be made by a human being," Washington would "welcome a similar statement" by Russia and China.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    The inevitable dangers of AI are pushing us closer to another world war. Experts have repeatedly warned that AI could be the end of humanity, and the US' public acknowledgment of this potential nuclear-linked disaster is a bad sign. Umbrella AI regulation must be immediately sought if serious concerns are to be eased.

    Narrative B

    Implementing AI into the command chain of nuclear decision-making could change the world for the better if done correctly. Humans are just as capable of making mistakes as AI, and the help of automation within certain tasks could potentially increase global security. Nations must proceed with caution as we continue to become accustomed to living alongside AI, but there is reason to be optimistic if skillfully implemented.

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