Zambia Declares National Emergency Due to Drought

Zambia Declares National Emergency Due to Drought
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The Facts

  • On Thursday, the President of Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema declared a national emergency as a devastating drought has overtaken the country. The announcement comes as the country continues to recover from a recent cholera outbreak.

  • Hichilema said that the drought has stemmed from five weeks with no rain at a critical time for farmers. The lack of rainfall, exasperated by El Niño and climate change has compounded the challenges from last year's pattern of dry weather followed by flooding.

The Spin

Narrative A

Rising global temperatures at the hands of human-caused climate change have forever changed the environmental landscape of Africa. As these impacts intensify, particularly in areas of the global south, southern Africa faces a future of increased suffering exacerbated by longstanding inequalities. These systemic injustices will likely only worsen, leaving the impoverished with few resources to cope or become resilient to the grim realities of climate change.

Narrative B

While the African continent has contributed very little to the climate crisis they have stepped up to once again to lead innovation for humanity. African nations are working together to build transparency and partnerships that will drive climate-friendly projects aimed at both developing the nations economically and also by doing it sustainably. The future looks bright — and green — for the continent even in the face of climate threats.

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