Fox News Won't Air Jan. 6 Public Hearings

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The Facts

  • Per an official press release, Fox announced its coverage of the Jan 6. Capitol riot public hearings will air on Fox Business Network and not on Fox News. This could make Fox News the first major news network to not carry the hearings live, which begin in primetime on Thurs. evening (EST).

  • Instead, Fox News will air its mainstays in those timeslots - Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham. Fox announced they will only provide coverage of the hearings "as news warrants."

The Spin

Left narrative

Fox News is rolling out its toxic right-wing tropes to distract from Jan 6. and the role their on-air talent has played is downplaying its severity. An onslaught of xenophobia and transphobia has already started to air in the run-up to the historic public hearings.

Right narrative

Fox viewers don't want to see a partisan committee disinterested in finding out what really happened on the day of the riot. Cue the liberal tears, and enjoy your regularly scheduled programming.

Cynical narrative

Last week, Fox News decimated its competition as the most-watched primetime cable network, even vaulting over ESPN and TNT's coverage of the NBA playoffs. With 1.3M viewers, why change its formula - especially when other channels will be saturated with simultaneous coverage of the hearings? This is about business and ratings.

Political split



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