The Facts

  • On Wednesday morning, explosions caused by two parcel bombs at Myanmar's century-old, infamous Insein prison in Yangon killed at least three prison staff and five female visitors. Eighteen people were injured.

  • Local news outlets reported claims that rounds were fired from a prison watchtower following blasts inside and outside the building, and a few people reportedly were hit by gunfire. Prison guards reportedly engaged in the shooting.

The Spin

Narrative A

This bombing is undoubtedly the latest attack carried out by the opposition-linked terrorists against the Burmese people, killing innocent civilian women as they keep targeting non-military areas — including religious places and prisons. Security forces must take effective action against them to protect the public and hold those responsible accountable.

Narrative B

Armed resistance groups have already condemned this attack for the harm it caused to civilians, dismissing false allegations from the military. While the junta targets civilians to crush resistance with brutality, Myanmar's shadow National Unity Government has won support at home and abroad by conducting a guerrilla campaign against the regime.

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