S.Korea Publishes Report of North's Alleged Human Rights Abuses

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The Facts

  • On Thursday, South Korea's Unification Ministry released a 450-page report detailing North Korea's alleged human rights abuses, including the public execution of teenagers, pregnant women, and homosexuals.

  • Kim Jong Un's regime reportedly carries out public executions to punish people for drug crimes, watching South Korean videos, selling South Korean goods, trying to flee the country, and being involved in religious activities.

The Spin

Narrative A

North Korea spends heavily on its nuclear arms programs instead of improving the living conditions of its citizens. As detailed in this report, however, Pyongyang isn't only placing its people on the back burner; it's also actively committing atrocious human rights abuses that must be internationally challenged. The rogue state deserves not a single penny of economic aid while it pursues its nuclear ambitions and continues to violate its people's fundamental rights.

Narrative B

The report is the West's most intensive expression of hostile policy toward Pyongyang. The international community's gruesome criticism of its human rights conditions is nothing more than a politically motivated plot to overthrow North Korean rulers, challenge the country's dignity and sovereignty, and tarnish its image.

Narrative C

Instead of being merely outspoken on the North's rights, the South and its partners must seek to improve ties and make all efforts to achieve peace on the Korean Peninsula. Rather than fortifying the prolonged isolation of the country, the international community must step up to the challenge of reviving engagement with the North to address its serious human rights violations.

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