Philippines Accuses PRC of Damaging Vessel in South China Sea

Philippines Accuses PRC of Damaging Vessel in South China Sea
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The Facts

  • The Phillippine Coast Guard (PCG) accused the China Coast Guard (CCG) of a confrontation near the Scarborough Shoal on Monday. Manilla accused Beijing of "dangerous maneuvers and obstruction" at sea.

  • Manilla reported that four ships from the CCG and six vessels of the Chinese maritime militia engaged two ships of the PCG. During the confrontation, two CCG ships reportedly used their water cannons against one of the Philippine ships, causing serious damage.

The Spin

Anti-China narrative

Since Beijing captured the Scarborough Shoal more than a decade ago, its coast guard vessels have harassed Philippine vessels and blocked access to fishing operations. Because these moves are part of its broader, aggressive campaign in the South China Sea, it's no coincidence that its neighbors are now pursuing deeper ties with the West.

Pro-China narrative

China is committed to maintaining peace and stability in the South China Sea. However, it seems that the Philippines taking advantage of China's tolerance and goodwill by underestimating its ability to protect its territory and sovereignty. Manila is contributing to the escalation of the South China Sea conflict with the help of foreign countries.

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