Report: Climate Change to Blame for Amazon Rainforest Drought

Report: Climate Change to Blame for Amazon Rainforest Drought
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The Facts

  • In a report released on Wednesday, the World Weather Attribution announced that the historic drought in the Amazon rainforest in 2023 was caused primarily by climate change and not the El Niño weather pattern.

  • The international group of scientists determined that climate change increased the likelihood of drought by 30 times. The dry conditions affected all nine Amazon rainforest countries by drying up rivers, killing endangered species, and disrupting the critical delivery of supplies to isolated communities.

The Spin

Narrative A

The Amazon rainforest serves as the lungs of our planet. A healthy Amazon equals a healthy world. Human-caused damage is destroying the forest's ability to keep a lid on global temperatures. Fortunately, this new data doesn't appear to be the tipping point, but we are close to an extremely serious situation. If drastic changes aren't made soon there will be no way to turn back.

Narrative B

Governments with equities in the Amazon rainforest have shown tremendous commitment to saving such a precious resource. During the first quarter of 2023, data shows that deforestation had been reduced by 40%. While the gains are immense and will have a significant impact on the planet and the communities of the Amazon, we must not become complacent. Nations must remain vigilant and continue the fight to uphold and establish new restrictions to restore the Amazon to the great beauty it once was.

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