Biden Invokes Defense Production Act for Baby Formula Shortage

Last updated 5 days ago

CDC Approves COVID Booster for Kids 5-11

Last updated 4 days ago

US Soccer Teams Reach Equal Pay Agreements

Last updated 5 days ago

Afghan female journalists defiant as Taliban restrictions grow
Al Jazeera #3 - 2 hours ago

When Will Kids under Five Get COVID Vaccines? and Other Questions
Scientific American #1 - 10 hours ago

Did Yoon change his mind about systemic gender inequality? His top aides say no
Korea Herald #1 - 16 hours ago

How to talk to friends about miscarriage: Parenting advice from Care and Feeding.
Slate #3 - 2 hours ago

An Equal Pay Victory for America’s Winningest Team
CounterPunch #2 - 83 minutes ago

Do Soft Drinks Play a Role in Adolescent Suicide?
Psychology Today #1 - 16 hours ago

The Heard v. Depp trial is not just a media spectacle – it is an opportunity to discuss the nuances of intimate partner violence
The Conversation #2 - 22 hours ago
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FDA Reaches Agreement with Abbott Amid Formula Shortage

Last updated 6 days ago

Judge Blocks Part of Alabama Transgender Youth Bill

Last updated 10 days ago

FAQ: What is Discord, the chat app used by the Buffalo shooter?
Washington Post - 2 hours ago

CNN Just Can't Help Itself in Showing Disdain for the Pro-Life Position
Townhall #1 - 8 hours ago
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Afghanistan: Taliban Order Head-to-Toe Covering of Women

Last updated 2 weeks ago

Trump Stumps for Nebraska Gubernatorial Candidate

Last updated 3 weeks ago

US Marine Admits to Trying to Rape a Woman in Japan. His Lawyer Said He Was Drunk and Lonely.
Vice - 2 hours ago

The Real Dividing Line On Abortion
FiveThirtyEight #1 - 4 days ago
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Fidelity to Offer Bitcoin Exposure to 401(k) Investors

Last updated 4 weeks ago

3 completely legal ways to shield your retirement savings from the IRS
USA Today #16 - 5 minutes ago

The Market Is Melting Down and People Are Feeling It. ‘My Stomach Is Churning All Day’
Wall Street Journal #3 - 3 days ago

S. Korea to increase international flights to meet travel demand
Korea Herald #4 - 10 days ago
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Pope Francis Tells Parents not to Condemn Gay Children

Last updated 4 months ago

[Hashtag Korea] Quirks of Korean dating explained (4) Jealous of opposite-sex friends
Korea Herald #2 - 4 days ago

Social Media Posts Misrepresent Tennessee Bill Allowing Common Law Marriage
Factcheck #1 - 88 minutes ago

"Love Is Blind" Analysis: Thoughts From a Psychologist
Psychology Today #5 - 14 hours ago
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More Koreans end marriage at older age: data
Korea Herald #1 - 5 weeks ago

4 Ways Chinese Law Aims to Make People Stay Married
Psychology Today #1 - 2 weeks ago

Schwarzenegger and Shriver Divorce Final After 10 Years
Snopes #1 - 6 hours ago

Bill Gates reportedly told his golf buddies that his marriage to Melinda Gates was 'loveless'
Business Insider #1 - 5 months ago
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Fidelity lets companies offer bitcoin in a 401(k), but financial advisers warn it's a risky bet
NBC #4 - 2 days ago

9 things to do right now if your 401(k) is tanking, according to financial planners
Business Insider #16 - 18 hours ago

Ohio Teachers Pension Touts Past Transparency Awards, Fails To Disclose Special Investigation By State Auditor
Forbes #14 - 19 hours ago

Fidelity says it will offer crypto in retirement accounts this year – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #3 - 4 weeks ago
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Making a Case for Strong Men - The American Spectator
American Spectator #1 - 7 hours ago

Alternative Explanations for the Gender Gap in Sexual Desire
Psychology Today #1 - 9 hours ago

70% of women in their 20s-30s think Korea is not equal for females
Korea Herald #4 - 3 weeks ago

Watch a foot-tickling machine discover the most ticklish spot on feet
New Scientist #2 - 2 months ago
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The Key to a Good Parent-Child Relationship? Low Expectations
Atlantic #4 - 2 weeks ago

Pope Francis on Pets Over Kids: Full Transcript and Video
Snopes #1 - 19 hours ago

Why a Rise in Single People Isn't a Bad Thing
Psychology Today #1 - 2 months ago

COVID took many in the prime of life, leaving families to pick up the pieces
NPR Online News #2 - 2 weeks ago
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40% of US Baby Formula Supplies Out of Stock

Last updated 2 weeks ago

Baby Formula Recall Expands Following Second Infant Death

Last updated 3 months ago

Kentucky woman faces up to 40 years in prison after throwing her newborn baby boy off balcony
Daily Mail #10 - 58 minutes ago

First shipment of baby formula arrives in Indiana as part of Operation Fly Formula, delivering 78,000 pounds of product from Switzerland with more on the way
Business Insider #2 - 1 day ago
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Caskets decorated with photos, superheroes or rainbows help some parents grieve
USA Today #7 - 2 days ago

Child Advocates Sue New York Over Proposed Shadow Foster Care System
ProPublica #1 - 6 weeks ago

Supreme Court Sides with Catholic Agency in LGBTQ+ Foster Care Dispute
Snopes #1 - 4 weeks ago

Texas Is Investigating Families of Transgender Kids Again
Vice #1 - 3 days ago
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Winnie has a new plan to help childcare centers scale care – TechCrunch
TechCrunch #2 - 3 months ago

Paternity leave increases 23% in 2020: govt. data
Korea Herald #1 - 5 months ago

Why the US doesn’t have universal child care (anymore)
Vox #2 - 2 months ago

Kids’ school schedules have never matched parents’ work obligations and the pandemic is making things worse
The Conversation #1 - 12 months ago
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